Pushing the boundaries of perception while mesmerizing patrons with jaw dropping visual effects a strikingly bold new pop-up restaurant is touring a city near you


Angelo Giordano has a unique, one of a kind 360 dining entertainment experience, that combines the power of 3D mapping, along with cutting-edge holographic technology, creating 4D visuals, bringing world class culinary artistry to life. From stage to table, Giordano's “Art of Culinary”, offers an exciting, memorable experience for the entire family!


Somewhere between sense and sensibility, fantasy becomes reality and what’s real is left only to your imagination. Diners are immersed in a world of limitless possibilities as culinary art springs to life right before their eyes. The breath-taking decor and alluring atmosphere will captivate you to no end.

An expertly curated menu offers a story-line of authentic international entrees, prepared by in-house and celebrity guest chefs, hailing from every corner of the globe, creating a true feast for all your senses. 


Art of Culinary dining experience offers an unparalleled selection of fine wines , along with a variety of top shelf spirits and brilliantly hand crafted cocktails, amazingly garnished, creating a blissful work of liquid art, creating an interactive drink experience.